Muslim Student Association logo.

The MSA Executive Board aims to foster Muslim life on campus and strengthen the bonds between our allies, associates, and members within the Columbia community. We are united in the goal of promoting MSA’s presence on campus for both current and future constituents. The MSA aims to organize  a variety of events that will seek to promote and address issues that are relevant to our community. We seek to educate our community about the various aspects of Islam, hoping to increase awareness about contemporary issues that are relevant to society today.

Historically, it has been only through the efforts and support of the general body that the initiatives of the MSA have been brought to fruition.  As a result, we hope to work closely with our community members in order to better understand and acknowledge their needs. This year’s board will strive to ensure a productive and exciting year for the MSA, with the help of Allah (SWT). The Board was elected to serve the interests of the general body and welcomes any and all feedback on how to enhance its work and be of greater service to the community.

Join the community by coming to one of our events or stopping by the prayer room in Earl Hall! Contact the MSA at [email protected]