Misbah Farooqi

Misbah Farooqi is the MSA President of Columbia MSA for the 2020-2021 school year and a senior in Columbia College studying political science and Middle Eastern and South Asian studies. She hopes to attend law school in the future. She is originally from Maryland and will never let you forget her DMV roots (DC, Maryland, and Virginia, NOT the Department of Motor Vehicles). Besides having an interest in politics and Middle Eastern/South Asian studies, Misbah is also passionate about community organizing, social justice, education, and journalism. In her free time, Misbah loves to write, drink way more coffee than she should, explore NYC, impulse UberEats McDonalds at 2 am, and fangirl over Zayn Malik (please hit her up if you're into that as well). As President, Misbah hopes to create an inclusive and welcoming community for Muslim students of all backgrounds and ensure that everyone feels as though they have a family within Columbia MSA. She also hopes to engage the MSA to be more involved with the broader Columbia, Harlem, and NYC community and have the MSA play a more active role in mobilizing Muslim communities on and off campus toward positive social change. Feel free to hit her up if you have any questions about Columbia, pre-law, being a transfer student, MSA, or just want to say hi!